July 10, 2010

Won't Be a White Wedding

My hosts are avid Nollywood fans, which is both a gift and a curse. Obviously it will be a boon to my research to witness the “consumption” side of Nollywood economics, but it also means I have to endure lots of Nollywood movies. I sat through my first full movie today and agonizingly prayed for it to end. “Forbidden Fruit” was about a despicable man and woman on their wedding day, a day on which suddenly all their misdeeds—including a few murders and many, many infidelities—come to the surface, forcing them to pay their dues and ruining a perfectly good wedding. It’s all about teaching the audience a moral lesson, but after the groom had impregnated two sisters, hidden the body of a third mistress, and been blackmailed into a threesome by a fourth, all while the bride was busy sleeping with the best man, I was morally exhausted.

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