July 25, 2010

At 66, my dad's still got it

Well, Nigeria never ceases to surprise me. I was showing off family photos to my hostess Moji and her friend Bose. At a picture of the Paulsons at my brother’s wedding, Bose made me stop. “Your father is so handsome. He looks so young. Tell your mother not to let him travel to Nigeria. I will snatch him.” Mind you, Bose is in many men's minds the most beautiful and desirable woman in the whole neighborhood.

Moji, on the other hand, had a different opinion: “I like your brother.” (beat) “I like him so much.” (another beat) “Never bring him to Nigeria. It would end my marriage. I’m serious.” I think she really was. In fact, she paused again to weigh just how much her husband meant to her. “Actually, you should bring him. Bring your brother.” Good grief.

Below, my mother's rival followed by my sister-in-law's.

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kelly said...

Giggle out loud! I love this post darlin'! You're family must feel very flattered!