July 16, 2010

Night in the Museum

With nothing else planned today, I headed to the National Museum. It turned out to be a depressing place. The staff looked annoyed to see me; I asked for an entry ticket and the woman sighed and finally stood up to dig one out of the bottom of her drawer. I probably saw ten times as many employees in the museum as I did visitors; I imagine that, like in similarly populous India, the overabundance of labor makes it cheap, and with unemployment so high, why not hire one more woman to sleep in the corner of the Weaponry room? At one point the electricity cut out, plunging the corridor I stood into pitch blackness. “Everyone please stay where you are,” boomed a voice in the distance, routinely, like he had said this quite a few times. I definitely didn’t want to blindly crash into a glass display case, so I obeyed; about a minute later light was back.

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