July 10, 2010

Let There Be Light

I needed to hear it a few times to understand that the constant question “Is there light?” means “Is the electricity still on?” Blackouts are a constant threat of everyday life and doing business, and my host says the reason that the cost of living is so expensive here is because a shop has to own a pricey generator to get anything done. It also means you can’t buy anything from the grocery store that has to be chilled; thus no milk, only powdered milk. There are simply too many people in Lagos for the limited electric grid, so neighborhoods have to take shifts with limited energy; we don’t get electricity in the early afternoon, for example, along with any times (at least three a day) the electricity decides to give out on its own.


Danielle V. said...

I can't imagine! No milk, but what about things like meat and eggs??

Cole Paulson said...

Yeah, you just buy that stuff off the street (I see big bowls full of slabs of meat sitting out in the sun) and cook it that night!